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How Does It Work?

Fortify programmatically fetches your NFT collection, and uploads it to Arweave - no formatting, or delving into new tech rabbit holes required.

We’ve found that Fortify saves developers at least 8 hours of time (and hundreds of dollars in storage fees!)

Why Fortify?

In one click, Fortify transfers your entire collection from IPFS to Arweave. You pay once, and your collection is stored on Arweave forever!

No subscriptions or recurring payments. It aims to be 🦀 blazingly-fast 🦀  and stores large collections stored in a number of hours.

What Do I Need To Do?

Simply enter your contract address, pay for the upload, and your collection will be stored on Arweave! 🎉

You’ll receive an email shortly after with your new base URI link to enter in your Ethereum contract. ❤️